Coordination with the Project Implementation Team


Plymouth Soundings will provide continuity of services throughout this critical period to ensure a successful project close out and smooth transition to Operations. Plymouth Soundings will:

    • Provide guidance in achieving timely project closeout with Contractor and design team;
    • Provide oversight and guidance on accounting process and internal controls during implementation;
    • Provide guidance to accounting staff on the support information required for documentation of QEI’s during implementation and for periodic Draws;
    • Provide oversight to insure that all project costs are correctly recorded and reported to insure all QRE’s are captured;
    • Provide guidance in segregating operations costs and assigning costs to proper entities during operations;
    • Provide guidance in establishing and segregating separate budgets for the multiple entities created in the Tax Credit financing process including the unique cost items related to the Tax Credit financing that must be considered;
    • Assist in establishing schedules of required ongoing payments, standard cash flow protocols for moving cash through entities to fund operations, reports to be created and submitted, and periodic entries that must be made at the various entities during the compliance period.
  • Provide assistance during first year of operations including preparation for first year audit under new entity structure.
  • Ongoing periodic review of reports, annual audit drafts and tax return data;
  • Review of winddown documents.