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Tax Credit Funding

for Your Project

Funding from Federal and State Tax Credit programs could provide significant capital for your qualifying project, often making the difference between a successful project and one that never gets accomplished. Plymouth Soundings offers:

Project Financing and Compliance Guidance: Both nonprofit and for-profit Clients pursuing these programs can benefit throughout the process from a highly knowledgeable, and experienced Tax Credit Consultant who also is capable of customizing services to client needs throughout Tax Credit planning, financing, and project implementation. The most effective consultant will guide you through the Tax Credit process, from planning through financing, project implementation, compliance period operations, post compliance wind down and investor exit.

Specialized Knowledge: Completing a Tax Credit financing, the follow up project completion, and operations compliance requires specialized knowledge, unique project tracking requirements, modified accounting and cash flow protocols, creation of new entities, and necessary separation of activities between each. This could quickly become overwhelming. Your staff may not have all the needed training, experience, or time required to meet the requirements of a Tax Credit financing and project implementation.

Project Planning and Execution through Investor Exit: Plymouth Soundings’ focus is not just closing a Tax Credit financing but works as your advocate representing and protecting your interests throughout the project and the multi-year compliance period. Plymouth Soundings’ participation and contributions add value from project inception through design, financing, construction, operations and wind down. Plymouth Soundings acts as your coach and project coordinator making sure the right players are in the right places, doing the right things, and working together. Plymouth Soundings level of involvement, broad experience and specific financial expertise are what makes us unique.

Process Coordination: Coordinate activities and processes of all parties involved in the Tax Credit financing process. Often, each of the parties may have differing agendas presenting challenges and issues that require timely resolution in order to keep the process moving toward successful completion.

Plymouth Soundings delivers professional services from initial feasibility through to investor close out at the end of the multi-year compliance period. Plymouth Soundings has provided services to commercial and brownfield projects, private sector developers, non-profits, and quasi-governmental agencies.

What Makes Plymouth Soundings Unique?

Custom Service & Expertise

As a member of your team, Plymouth Soundings:

  • Acts as your advocate through all phases of the project.
  • Offers the expertise necessary to begin and successfully complete the Tax Credit financing processes.
  • Brings broad based experience in project, construction, and financial management.
  • Provides the services you need when you need them.

Working hand in hand with its’ Clients, Plymouth Soundings will:

  • Become an integral part of the Client’s team working closely with team members throughout the process, participating in and contributing to all aspects of the project.
  • Guard your interests as your representative and advocate throughout out the project.
  • Improve project functionality and overall project success through Plymouth Soundings’ extensive hands-on expertise in project and construction management, accounting, and operations and business management.
  • Provide the specialized Tax Credit accounting and coordination expertise, and experience necessary to begin and complete the Tax Credit financing process while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Bring relationships with investors, CDE’s and bankers.
  • Bring experienced relationships with outside tax, legal, accounting professionals needed to close a financing.
  • Prepare with Client and present your project to investors and CDE’s.
  • Coordinate the activities of the many parties in the transaction, keeping the project moving forward while resolving problems as they occur.
  • Provide the coordination, accounting and management guidance necessary during your transition to operations, and later, the final wind down.

Success Stories

The tax credits issue is possibly the slipperiest slope that exists out there, and no one can navigate that Alpine slope like Dee Smolik. We did use Dee to research the possibilities for our venue in Colorado, and found that it wasn’t practical, but it was a thorny question that needed to be researched and was well worth the cost.

As with marriage or a commitment to be a lifelong Houston Astros fan, this is not an undertaking to be engaged in lightly or remotely cavalierly, so you owe it to yourself to hire one of the very few experts out there, and Dee is certainly one of a rare breed.

Gram Slaton

Executive Director, Grand Opera House

If you are looking for someone to be creative and guide you through the morass of New Market Tax Credits, look no further. Dee is efficient, effective and creative.

She has contacts in the national niche community that works with New Markets and brings projects together with the resources needed to make them happen. We expect to use her services again.

Jeffrey Parks

Vice President & COO (Retired), ALIBI Music

The Tennessee Theatre

The Cotton Mill

The Proctors Theatre