Plymouth Soundings, LLC…

…has for many years worked with Owners and Developers, including for-profit, nonprofit, and quasi-governmental agencies helping them to benefit from Tax Credit Financing programs. These programs can provide Owners and or Developers with additional equity funding for qualifying projects.

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Historic Preservation Tax Incentives

While Tax Credit Financing can add additional funding to your project; preparing for, obtaining and complying with the related regulations and Investor Covenants is a daunting task for all but the most skilled Developer or Owner.

For those Owners or Developers that do not have the time or personnel to become experts and to do all the work required for a Tax Credit financing, using an outside Consultant can provide the needed resources and help you through the process.

Plymouth Soundings, LLC has the expertise to guide and assist you throughout the process. Plymouth Soundings LLC’s contribution to the project does not end when construction is complete. Plymouth Soundings,LLC continues to support you through the post construction operations period helping you meet your ongoing compliance requirements.

With relevant experience in project management, the Tax Credit process and years of general business and financial management experience, Darlene (Dee) Smolik, Principal of Plymouth Soundings LLC, has guided its Clients through more than $900 million in award-winning projects receiving New Markets Tax Credits Allocations, Historic Tax Credits, bonds, and multiple other financing vehicles.

a critical team member that has a consistent focus on the detail but doesn’t lose site of the big picture. …People often underestimate the complexity of their financings, and after the closing they recognize the key contributions by Dee (Darlene Smolik). They also recognize, in hindsight, that they couldn’t have done it alone relying on their existing staff – the role she plays supplements her client’s team in a very important way.Joel Cohn, CPA, Cohn Reznick Group

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