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Investor Exit – Wind Down

At the end of the multi-year compliance period, the tax credit project is complete. Investors have received all the benefit and their involvement ends. Their exit is based on their exercise of the terms of the Operating Agreement, and related documentation. At this time there are many activities that must be completed.

Plymouth Soundings coordinates the wind down process and related options for the Client. Related tax and accounting considerations are coordinated with audit and tax personnel. Plymouth Soundings assists in establishing new accounting and cash flow protocols. Reporting requirement modifications are implemented and Client protocols for same are established.

Investor exit services include:

  • Planning for the wind down with the investors, and if New Markets Tax Credit projects, with CDE’s.
  • Coordinating the process with the team members.
  • Consulting with Client, accountant and tax advisors on related issues.
  • Overseeing final compliance reports, related audits, and tax filings.
  • Defining impact on respective entities, related required accounting entries and potential operations accounting changes.