Evaluation of Project Potential and Guidance for Planning and Pre-design


Evaluate with the Planning Team the feasibility, risks and key variables for successful acquisition of Tax Credit financing, and possible impacts on the timing and design of the project.

  • Guide Client in finding and obtaining the right planning team experienced in translating Client’s stated objectives for the use of the completed structure into functional design criteria, including possible constraints that may be involved in historic Rehabilitations;
  • Provide assistance in defining key milestones and time constraints to consider in project timeline.
  • Assist client in determining if project phasing is beneficial.
  • Provide guidance as to structural issues relevant to qualifying for Historic Tax Credits.
  • Provide advice on timing of funding campaigns.
  • Define and discuss additional funding sources and Bridge Loan requirements.
  • Evaluate additional funding sources for compatibility with Tax Credit requirements

Assist in assembling and coordinating Team and Coordination during the Design and Construction Phase

  • Provide assistance in reviewing and selecting construction project team candidates including construction managers, architects, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Coordinate project with the owner, construction and design team, and stakeholders such as facility users and facility managers insuring full communication of project progress, emerging issues, possible cost impacts and potential solutions.
  • Validate and administer overall project budget based upon information provided by contracted personnel as well as cost items that must be provided by owner; such as computer systems, phone systems, AV equipment, furniture and other equipment.
  • Attend and/or prepare reports/agendas as required for regular project team meetings to address progress, problems, design changes, schedules and budgets.
  • Review and validate all project invoices and preparation for additional approvals and payment.