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Public Broadcast Station and Media Center in Bethlehem, PA built on the largest brownfield in America.  Project was constructed with participation of 2 CDEs and a national institutional investor, bringing significant learning opportunities to the low income community and related schools.

PBS-39 is a sister project to the ArtsQuest Performing Arts facility. This project enabled the public broadcasting station to build a new facility, upgrade its broadcasting equipment, expand its offerings to schools and continue to provide meaningful local programming.

The latest of many awards received on this project by PBS39 is the national Broadcast and Engineering annual “best of” competition for best studio or RF (Radio Frequency) technology. RACP funding played a key role in this project.

Plymouth Soundings LLC provided financial coordination services, supported project accounting and reporting during construction, assisted Client in transferring the accounting function to operations, and provided additional post completion support with compliance reporting and audits.

Arts Quest

Bethlehem, PA


Bethlehem, PA

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